Club Dues

Factors to Consider when Determining Annual Dues

  1. Administrative & Fixed Costs - What are the administrative costs of operating your club? Divide any fixed costs by the anticipated number of members.

  2. Membership Materials - Will every paid member receive a t-shirt or a pin? Calculate the average cost of these items, and be sure to mention them on your membership application.

  3. Affordability - Consider how much a student or young professional would be able to pay to join. High dues may deter prospective members from applying.

  4. Future Fundraising Burden - Setting dues too low may force the club to do more fundraising during the year for projects, or charge higher prices for events (such as tickets for socials). Excessive fundraising can distract from service goals or burn out members.

International Dues

Beginning 1 July 2022, Rotaract clubs will pay per capita dues to Rotary International. University-based clubs will pay $5 per member each year, and community-based clubs will pay $8 per member each year. New clubs will no longer have to pay the one-time $50 certification fee after 1 July 2022.

Club Dues Comparison