Reporting to Rotary International

Why is Reporting to RI Important?

Accurately reporting your club members helps create a true picture of the Rotaract family. Updated contact info helps Rotary International communicate with you and receive your valuable input on topics that matter. Reporting also helps your members gain access to the worldwide Rotary network, tools, and resources as well as participate in events.

Reporting your club members (and specifically a president) is required! Make sure to update your info and designate a president by June 30 each year. This helps your leadership retain access and avoid having your club charter removed.

BWRI 20 Session

Watch the 2020 virtual session on Rotaract reporting lead by RI staff, Karen Segura-Medina. This sessions covers the importance of reporting your club and members to RI, how to do this, and common questions.

Helpful Resources from Rotary International

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